Additional Campaign Efforts & Funding

The Save Vampire Academy team looks forward to updating you about future and bigger endeavors as we grow. We hope one day, when the show is finally renewed, to be able to serve as a community booster for the Vampire Academy fandom and support media, art, and discussion around important issues discussed in Vampire Academy.

GoFund Me Efforts: Campaign & Giving Back

The GoFundMe stayed open for a week and initially gathered 765 euros donated by fans. The main aim was to be able to afford a few plays of an ad for the campaign on a billboard in Times Square: this would allow us to reach a wider audience and also give the press an opportunity to report on the campaign. This is inspired by previous campaigns such as Manifest, Shadowhunters, or Warrior Nuns. Thanks to a very generous private donation that was later added to the GoFundMe, we finally reached a total of 1765 euros. With the donor’s agreement and support, 1265 € (so 500 € of the extra donation) we were able to get the billboard. The remain 500 € will be divided between a donation to the Trevor Project in the name of the campaign, and campaign effort funds, such as for PR purposes (like sending press packages). We have a dedicated post coming up soon about the GoFundMe, so stay tuned into learn more.

Vampire Academy Billboard Wrap

Supporting Other Initiatives

We regularly update people on the progress of the official petition created by another fan to ask for a renewal. You will find it in our Linktree. We have also boosted, among others, a Blood Pledge initiative launched the week after the cancellation was announced, that encourages viewers to donate their blood in honour of Vampire Academy (…).

Information Dispersal

We work hard to convey information. The dissemination of information is very important to us as well as being transparent about our efforts. Often people are left out of movements or controlled by refusing to disseminate information.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there and the campaign tries to make it as palatable and easily accessible as possible. We relay all the press we can find about the VA cancellation & campaign coverage, as well as being the one place that gathers the links to the many fan initiatives. We’re also happy to connect the audience and the press and foster a sense of community for newer and older members of the fandom on different social platforms.

Social Causes

The campaign has encouraged people to donate to several associations in the name of the show, as well as registering to donate organs, platelets and bone marrow. Here is some relevant information if you would like to join the effort:

First here's a free database for some numbers

Here's a link to change your health card so it's a donor card:

Bone Marrow

And if for health reasons you cannot participate in these registries, we encourage you to support them by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word. As always, there are other charities out there that are so worthwhile, like The Trevor Project or the Canadian Cancer Society, which is very dear to the heart of one of our team members as her family benefitted from their help in difficult times

Save Vampire Academy Funding

Campaign Finances will be updated with 72 hours of any transactions

Additions + Expenses Amount Balance
GoFund Me: 1st Campaign Donation Round753.21 €753.21 €
GoFund Me Round 2 (February 14, 2023970.75 €1,723.96 €
Save Vampire Academy Billboard- 1,228.89 €495.07 €
Website Domain, Hosting, Licenses-182.74 €312.33 €
The Trevor Project- 312.33 € / 336.53 USD (Rounded up to $337)0
Vampire Academy Trevor Project Donation Receipt