Will Someone #SaveVampireAcademy?

Written by FanGirlish

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We’ve been here before. It feels like we will never outgrow this moment. Loving a show. Praising it. Hoping for more. Seeing it canceled. Lather, rinse, repeat. The machine churns on and on and so much gets lost on the way. Good stuff. Stuff that wasn’t always properly promoted, or allowed to grow and reach its potential. And, sadly, it’s always the shows with POC at the center that seem to be the first ones to get axed (surely a coincidence, right?). This time, it’s Vampire Academy, which yesterday was canceled by Peacock.

But fans aren’t giving up. Instead, fans are organizing to fight for Vampire Academy. And though it is true that not all Save Campaigns work, some do — from Timeless to One Day at a Time to Lucifer and Magnum P.I. We were there. We saw it. We’ve lived it. So, if you love the show, why not make some noise? At this point, what do we have to lose? #SaveVampireAcademy.

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