BiPOC Representation by Sheldan Arissa

Content Credit to Sheldan Arissa

People really underestimate how much it means to BIPOC fantasy nerds to see ourselves reflected in our favorite genre. In a world of fantasy where literally all of the species are made up it’s crazy they are predominantly shown as white. The point of fantasy is to mentally escape into a new world. Nothing makes it easier to immerse yourself in a story than seeing yourself reflected in it. That is why we are so upset, this is why we won’t stop fighting until VA is saved.

In a world where being BIPOC comes with its own set of challenges, we deserve to have a mental escape. I looked forward to VA EVERY Thursday because I knew, for 1 hour, I’d be transported into a world where people who looked like me would be loved unconditionally, dominate politics, and kick strigoi ass.

Intersectionality is always paramount too. They didn’t just give us more BIPOC representation alone. They gave us LGBTQ+ representation, another community that has been continuously disenfranchised and is deserving of that escape. So make this right

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