LGBTQIA+ Representation As It Should Be: Normalised

Meredith holds Mia while she sleeps in the hospital bed

Vampire Academy features two openly gay couples: one is part of the main cast ensemble and is formed of Mia, a Moroi, and Meredith, a dhampir. It therefore also overlaps with the question of social class and of interracial relationships. The second couple also features important intersectionality as it is composed of Victor, a main…

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BiPOC Representation by Sheldan Arissa

Content Credit to Sheldan Arissa People really underestimate how much it means to BIPOC fantasy nerds to see ourselves reflected in our favorite genre. In a world of fantasy where literally all of the species are made up it’s crazy they are predominantly shown as white. The point of fantasy is to mentally escape into…

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Will Someone #SaveVampireAcademy?

Written by FanGirlish Link to the Original Piece here We’ve been here before. It feels like we will never outgrow this moment. Loving a show. Praising it. Hoping for more. Seeing it canceled. Lather, rinse, repeat. The machine churns on and on and so much gets lost on the way. Good stuff. Stuff that wasn’t…

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‘Vampire Academy’ Deserves a Season 2 – Collider

Scene at St. Jude with blue, hazy background. Janine Hathaway leaping through the air during the strigoi attack with her stake pointed at one and another Guardian behind the same strigoi striking forward

Peacock has driven a stake into the hearts of ‘Vampire Academy’ fans. Read the Original Article at Collider’s Site The cancellation reaper has claimed another victim, and unsurprisingly its latest victim is yet another series featuring a diverse cast, strong female leads, and queer representation. It may be hard to believe, but this time it isn’t…

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Cancelling Vampire Academy Bites

The television adaptation of Richelle Mead’s popular young adult book series, The Vampire Academy, was canceled after its first season. Eso No Me Gusta. And nor do many others. I haven’t ripped this series apart and analyzed it at the level that I eventually will, but there are underlying socio-cultural elements that are clear even…

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